Dr Vincent Qin

Ophthalmologist in Brussels and Namur.

Do you want to make an appointment? The ophthalmology secretaries are available to answer all your questions, and all your requests for information, in order to make the best choice. I would be happy to welcome you to one of the following 4 sites.



Ophthalmology consultations at Delta Hospital (Chirec): 02 648 12 01


Consultations at the Ophtara Clinic (Ixelles): 02 648 12 01
Ophthalmo consultations at the Hospital
Saint Jean :
02 221 99 95
Ophthalmologist consultations in Sainte Elisabeth Namur (UCL Namur CHU):
081 72 05 92
Questions? Send me an email directly to:
Or write to me using the form below:

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